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2017 BOT Archives Posted

The 2017 Board of Trustee archives are posted on the BOT Forum Board.

Using your AKA member login/password combination, you can login and access the BOT Forum. Please note that unless you are a logged in member you will not be able to see or visit the BOT Forum.

Respectfully Submitted, Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster

AKA On Line Store

AKA’s On Line Store has Returned

Our new On-Line store is setup for domestic USA sales only and PayPal as our sole offered payment option. We will be expanding the store in both content and purchase options during first quarter 2018.

We initially are using United States Postal Service, ground shipping as our sole shipping option to control costs and give a better overall value for you our online-purchasers. We will adding past JAKA’s (Journal of the American Killifish Association) publications and our renowned AKA Beginner’s Guide very soon in addition to other items.

If you have any questions on our new On Line Store website addition don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Respectfully Submitted, Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster